A Case Against using Blender Physics

…Not that it’s always a bad thing. Oftentimes it’s great. But, for the tasks we have in mind, it’s usually going to have more trouble than it sounds. This has nothing to do with how well designed it is, it has to do with the fact that the artist is now partially in the audience,Continue reading “A Case Against using Blender Physics”

Animating Sculpted Meshes in Blender

Or, How to Apply One of Those Weird Modifiers Which You Never Thought You Would Use Introduction (Which may be Safely Skipped) Blender is an extraordinarily complex and beautiful piece of software, and I’m not sure what anyone else would be expecting of it. Of course it is. Aside from all the passion of TonContinue reading “Animating Sculpted Meshes in Blender”

Thank You for your Impassioned Response!

High time, I think, that I dropped an update on here. The reception for my first two books this year has been overwhelming—I’m feeling a lot of gratitude. It’s also helpful for morale, to see so many people grabbing them off the digital shelf. Writing a proper book is not a small task; and forContinue reading “Thank You for your Impassioned Response!”