Way of the Bee is approaching alpha!

After long and arduous work, and considerable help with an early preview before the Albuquerque Game Developer Group (AGDG), Way of the Bee is almost ready for early access! Recent changes include control refurbishing and slimming down of some over-designs, and the addition of a basic pause menu. “Bee Vision” now goes from a 120°Continue reading “Way of the Bee is approaching alpha!”

Hive Update (Part 2)

Development is coming along swimmingly! I’ve turned down the number of grass blades from 16-per-unit to 2-per-unit, for the sake of everyone’s graphics cards and frame rate; it actually looks a little bit better to me that way. As you can see, the hive develops as nectar is delivered to it right now; that won’tContinue reading “Hive Update (Part 2)”