Announcing my Red Bubble Store!

You’ll find it here. Every now and then I’ll get a little mentally tired with whichever piece I’m working on, and I’ll just doodle for a bit. Every now and then, now and then, I’ll come up with something brilliant while doing it.

Time to turn them into t-shirts and mugs!

So I’ve got two items so far and probably a few more coming through the rest of the week—the one featured to the right of this paragraph is a Christmas tree made out of fractal constructs, which admittedly is the kind of thing you either get or you don’t… which also makes it funnier.

And to the left of this paragraph, we have my take on Spider-Man: No Way Home. (Also a play on “Magneto Was Right” / “Thanos Was Right” / “Mysterio Was Right”) I’ll give it a seven out of ten, it was a darned good movie; there were only a few things that bugged me and if we’re going to be realistic, they specifically bugged me, so I can’t complain. My wife and I had a lot of fun and I’m looking forward to Morbius later in the coming year.

Give it a look now and then!

Published by Michael Macha

I'm a game developer for both mobile and PC. My education is in physics, journalism, and neuroscience. Founder and CEO of Frontier Medicine Entertainment, located in the beautiful city of Santa Fe, New Mexico.

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