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The Warrior-Poet’s Guide to Writing Plug-ins for GIMP 2.10 is now available on Amazon! Purchase it on Kindle!

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Using animation software is all about finding smart ways to cheat.

Be it for film and game, or computational physics, insertion of empirical law into the rules of a simulation provides ground-breaking immersion in any conceivable space.

The Way of the Bee

The Way of the Bee is a game about being a beehive. You are the queen, you are the colony. You fight against real threats to bees, such as fungal and pathogenic threats, overheating or freezing, resource starvation, predators, and weather and climactic threats.

About Me

I’m a physicist-turned-artist with a knack for 3D design, emergent design, and bringing real-world science into the virtual.

After 25 years of creating, both professionally and as a persistent hobby, it’s become my moral obligation to share these lessons with the rest of the world.

Products and Services

The Warrior-Poet’s Guide to Python and Blender 2.80 is now available on Amazon! Purchase it on Kindle!

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